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23 Feb

Naz & Subi teamWildcat Naz Chatterji blogs about her time so far in Perth, Western Australia.

On October 26th 2014 I booked a one way ticket to Perth, Australia, leaving a month from the day. A spontaneous trip to play some cricket, travel a little and maybe even find myself, if I was lucky.

With just a month to organise the trip, quit my job and do a tour of the country to see my friends before leaving, I didn’t really have the time to get excited, to have any doubts, or consider what actually lay ahead.

Just a couple of days after my arrival I rocked up to Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club (some name!) for my first training session. The club has multiple men and women’s teams. A friendly bunch for sure.

I made my first appearance for Subi the following Sunday: 2 back-to-back matches that were must-wins if we were to make it to the final of the T20 league. I had a pretty good debut and managed to take a four-for, before taking a ball to the cheekbone in the warm-up for the next match. Swings and roundabouts..!

Two strong team performances later (including a nice wee knock by no other than Charlotte Edwards) and we’d made it to the final at the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA). Pretty exciting stuff. !

At the WACA, we bowled first in the final and our opposition, South Perth, ended their innings on 134/6. A very tense second innings followed and it took us till the 5th ball of the 20th over for our captain to hit the winning runs. We headed back to our club to celebrate. Much dancing to Taylor Swift and co ensued.

We’re now midway through the second half of the season and need to win the remainder of our 50 over matches in order to have a chance of making it to the final.

We currently have two weeks off before our last few Sunday matches resume. I can’t believe how close the end of the season is, but it really has been amazing playing amongst such high quality women’s cricket on a weekly basis. There are a number of state players at Subi and they run our bi-weekly training sessions. Playing alongside them and others at the club has been a lot of fun and has certainly helped my development as a player.

Furthermore I have undertaken my Level 1 coaching qualification and have had instruction from numerous WA Warriors players. Again, this has been an amazing opportunity and I have learnt a lot.

It is of course summer over here and I have to say that I have been thoroughly enjoying the weather. It’s around 30 degrees most days but a month or so ago we had a training session on a day that hit 40! That was less enjoyable.

I spent Australia Day at a pool party, putting some shrimps on the barby (honestly) and watching a seriously impressive fireworks display. Although I miss the people back home and maybe even the rain, I can’t say I’m missing the cold of a Scottish winter.

On that note, I’m off to the beach!

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