Coach Matters 2013 Summer Edition

21 Aug

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Cricket Scotland’s Coach Development Team have launched the latest version of Coach Matters, the coaching newsletter. 

In this 2013 Summer edition:

  • Changes to Coach Ed pathway

Find out more about what is changing in relation to the coaching pathway and the courses available.

  • ECB Coaches Association Update (includes the ICC Update)

An update about Coaches Association and the assistance from ICC Europe

  • What is talent?

A reflective piece to challenge coaches as to what is Talent? 

  • Coaching Apps

We profile 2 different coaching apps that are on the market. G.A.P.S from Tacklesport and also video analysis app Dartfish Express

  • The role of a coach during a game

What does a coach do during the game?  What could they do?  We hear from 3 of our national coaches as to what they do during a game.

  • Strength and Conditioning with Smudger

Simon Smith Scotland S&C coach continues his series on developing the athletic abilities of our players.”

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