Cricket continues to thrive in Scotland

06 Nov

Perth Doo'cot

Following recent research carried out by the International Cricket Council, Cricket Scotland has revealed the findings as the sport continues to establish itself as one of the countries leading summer sports.

The study compared participation and coaching figures from 2008 to 2013, which emphasised how the game has grown across all facets of the game in Scotland in recent years.

The growth shows little signs of slowing down either;  participation levels are currently on the rise and have almost doubled over five years – now sitting at 57,525.  This has been achieved, in part, thanks to programmes put in place by Cricket Scotland Development Team and the hard work of the volunteers and coaches who give up thousands of hours of their own time to promote and improve the standard of cricket in this country.

Scotland, now ranked second in the ICC Development scorecard for all non-full member countries, can boast having the most qualified and active coaches outwith the Test playing nations. Due to the continued drive and enthusiasm throughout the country, the number of active coaches has increased to 1,665 - in comparison to 2009 when there were only 375.

Facilities continue to increase with the number of turf pitches rising in Scotland over the last five years to 173 across the country, compared to 154 in 2008 –the highest number of turf pitches in any of the affiliate and associate countries.

Hard work from the Scottish Cricket Officials Association (SCOA), along with Cricket Scotland and the regional associations, has seen an increase in active umpires by 20%, the spirit of cricket continues to be instilled into the game and its players around the country.

Cricket Scotland’s participation aim ‘More players playing the game regularly in a network of strong clubs supported by well-trained and motivated people’ - is certainly showing signs of being achieved.

Cricket Factory

The work with partners Cricket Factory has enabled Cricket Scotland to increase its visibility at numerous high profile events, such as the Festival Square Cricket Takeover and the Cowal Highland Gathering, which has taken cricket to new and wider audiences.

“It is really pleasing seeing these results, and it it’s testament to those who regularly give up their own time to ensure the game grows in this country.” said Cricket Scotland Head of Participation Steve Paige.

“We take great confidence in knowing that the work of our dedicated volunteers, together with our staff, is having a positive impact on helping our clubs thrive with the best possible facilities and knowledgeable coaches.”

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