Cricket Scotland Announce Focus Clubs for CricketForce Event

28 Mar

Cricket Scotland are excited to announce the `focus clubs` for the 2016 CricketForce weekend this Saturday 2nd April.

CricketForce is the club-based initiative aimed at rejuvenating Scotland`s cricketing facilities by encouraging local communities to help in the refurbishment of their local clubs in time for the upcoming season.

After going through all the applications Cricket Scotland have selected the below 3 clubs for some special support on the day. These clubs will have Cricket Scotland players and staff attend on the day to help `muck in` with club members and volunteers, and promote the club and event as much as possible.

A brief outline of the focus clubs and their events are below:

Strathmore CC

The CricketForce weekend will be an extremely busy one for the club with members and volunteers carrying out a range of pre-season preparations to ready the club for the start of the Championship North division. The most notable tasks to take place over the weekend will be to refurbish the interior of the score box, repainting of the sight screens as well as a deep clean of the tea room and kitchen.

Alongside the aim of refurbishing some of the club facilities, the club hope to attract some new members as well as generating some funding and sponsorship.

Strathmore Cricket Club have used the planning for CricketForce to help focus the development of a long term improvement programme stretching over several years. The programme, which will help develop the clubs cricket skills at both junior and senior level, will be launched at the CricketForce event.

Stenhousemuir CC

Stenhousemuir CC are concentrating the weekend on repainting the main social area of the club house. The club aim to make the facilities more appealing to new members, giving it a friendlier, more family orientated feel. The social area, when completed will act as a hub and event area for players, juniors, families and parents. We hope it will become a real focal point for the club and community.

With approximately 40 volunteers signed up for the day, the club are keen to generate as much funding and sponsorship as possible through the event in order to kick start the 2016 season.

Livingston CC

Livingston Cricket Club are undertaking the construction of a new patio area as part of their refurbishment process in time for the new season. The plan is to lay the patio using cedagravel and railway sleepers which will run the length of the club house and act as an area for spectators to watch the cricket throughout the summer. Other initiatives taking place over the day will include repainting the external shutters surrounding the pavilion as well as restructuring the interior of the club house, making it more aesthetically pleasing to current and new members.

By welcoming members of the community to the club to help in its restoration, the hope is that new, playing/non playing members will join Livingston Cricket Club, consolidating and improving the club in years to come.

We would love to see what all the other clubs across Scotland are doing on the weekend as well. So please share as many photos and tweets using #CSCricketForce from your day as we celebrate club cricket and the start of the new season.

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