CS launch CoolCricket Workshop for Clubs

09 May

Cricket Scotland are pleased to announce the launch of the CoolCricket Workshop, open to all clubs as part of the `Thriving Clubs` Programme.

All clubs are now invited to register for the CoolCricket Workshop for Young Cricket Ambassadors and Social Media Champions delivered by Sports Marketing Network and Cricket Scotland.

Details regarding the workshop and an explanation of what will be involved is below: 

How to become better at engaging with young people at your cricket club 

If you want to attract and retain young people into cricket and into your club (and please do remember that you are trying to engage both with girls andboys) then you have to develop a better understanding of their lives. You have to see each of them as a whole person, and not just as a potential swing bowler. 

You also have to 'speak their language' and communicate with them on their terms and who is better at that than young people themselves! 

You have to develop an appreciation of the massive pressures on lifestyle and image that they are facing and that, even if they should decide to become involved with cricket, that it would only play a small part of their lives.  

Fun is the buzz word if we want to get them to keep coming back. Many young people love to learn, improve and socialise, but not always in that order! For the vast majority of young people, cricket is not a sport /activity which they would normally put on the top of their wish list of cool things they want to try. We need to help them change that perception. 

Clubs, coaches and others involved with cricket need to adapt what they offer young people and how they communicate with them - and we appreciate that for some traditional cricket clubs this would present a rather large shift in culture, thinking and behaviour. 

Some clubs are better at engaging with young people than others and they do benefit from having more young players, and a better club life.  So, what can we all learn from them and from best practice across sport and other activities?  

For those cricket clubs and coaches who really want to attract and retain young people, we have put together some tools and to-dos, based on our experiences across the UK and beyond, from best practice and not-so-good practice  

Join Cricket Scotland's CoolCricket programme

Cricket Scotland and Sports Marketing Network now offer all this knowledge and support as part of our new CoolCricket programme and it would be really great to see your club on-board so you can improve the way you communicate with young people:

There are three simple steps:  

  1. Invite young people within your club to become Social Media Champion and Young Cricket Ambassador - we suggest two people for each post.

  2. Join Cricket Scotland's CoolCricket programme.  Send an email to iansandbrook@cricketscotland.com. Please include the names and email addresses of your Champions and Ambassadors

  3. Book your places for yourself and your club Social Media Champions and Young Cricket Ambassadors on the three-hour CoolCricketlaunch workshop 11am - 2pm, Sunday 29th May in the Stirling area (exact venue TBC) 

The workshop will be run by Ben Fox, Communications Manager, Cricket Scotland and Svend Elkjaer, Director, Sports Marketing Network.

The highly interactive and engaging workshop will cover topics such as

  • How to provide a great social and fun experience at your club
  • How to improve school-club links
  • Getting buy-in to CoolCricket from across the club 
  • The role of the Young Cricket Ambassador -
    • the tools
    • how to become a mentor and a leader
  • The role of the Social Media Champion
    • the tools
    • how to develop a strong programme
  • Making it all happen   

We hope your club will want to be part of the CoolCricket programme and we look forward to hearing from you.

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