Domestic Officials Committee seek Scorers!

22 Nov

Now that the 2016 season is fast fading in the memory, the Cricket Scotland Domestic Officials Committee (DOC) is looking to identify and engage with potential new scorers across Scotland, as well as to progress the skills of those who are already scoring.

George Burns, who represents the East of Scotland Domestic Officials Association (ESCOA) on the DOC commented ‘I see my role on the committee as one of working closely with my counterpart in the West, Michael Clarkson, in attracting and developing new scoring talent across Scotland, with the longer term aim of ensuring a pool of scorers that are both skilled and experienced enough to officiate at senior representative and International matches in the future.   We are fortunate at the present time to have a number of such scorers at our disposal, but it’s fair to say that a fair few of us – myself included – are hardly in the first flush of youth, and we need to identify and develop future talent’.

All this will not happen over night. As recently as two years ago we had nobody attending any formal ECB ACO (England & Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials) accredited training courses.  We’ve now had four scorers attaining level 1A qualifications, two attending level 2 courses, and two attending level 3 (the top possible qualification). In addition, Scotland now has three accredited scorers assessors, meaning that we can provide a level of caching and mentoring, as well as assessing candidates for formal qualifications.

‘Unfortunately, due to the current lack of trainers in Scotland, those attending courses have had to travel significant distances, but the aim is to have Scottish based accredited trainers within the next two years, which will in turn enable us to hold our own courses – at least for levels 1 & 2, without the need of the expense of travel and hotels, or alternatively paying for a trainer to come up to Scotland’. In addition, the ECB ACO (Association of Cricket Scorers) has just launched a new on-line training facility aimed at would be or new club scorers. ‘Basically scorers can just sit the course on-line. There’s an assessment at the end, and there’s a facility to print off a certificate of attendance at the end. Candidates can also register their interest in further progression’.

There is no requirement to be a member of the ECB ACO to take the Club Scorer course, although candidates are required to join the ECB ACO in order to continue on the scorer pathway.  The ultimate aim is to bring Scotland in line with England, and have a pool of scorers accredited to at least level 2 from which to make senior representative scoring appointments. 

Anyone wishing to take the club scorers course can click on the link below.

For further information or any matters relating to scorer development in Scotland please contact either George Burns ( or Michael Clarkson (

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