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20 Mar

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Edinburgh indoor cricket group


In Spring 2012 we started something new in Edinburgh – and ran a women’s starter session for indoor cricket.

In Autumn we decided to book a hall for 2 hours every Tuesday night to see if we could get that same group to come along and stick with cricket.

In November, as they began to get more confident, we decided to open it up to men – either those who had not played for a long time, those who had not played before and those who just enjoyed some recreational cricket. And its great fun!

We play with an indoor ball or soft ball. Each session begins with a warm up involving some catching and throwing skills and some movement, and then we play. 

For the facilities we have, optimum group size is between 16 and 24, but we have had a great evening with as few as 8 and as many as 36.

We play 8 over games, 6 over games, racing ‘3 bat’ cricket, French cricket……anything goes really. Everybody learns to bowl properly and everybody gets a chance to bat.

In the picture are:

An umpire and his son, getting back into playing after a break

Dad who has just started, with daughter who plays U17

Some brand new cricketers who have played only a few weeks

Some of the women who started at that first session in 2012

Some mad keen South African ‘street’ cricketers

A club player leading by example and trying to encourage new players

And me…holding the camera!

We would love to find some more groups like us, who would enjoy some friendly competition – but even more importantly, we would like to think that we might inspire some other groups to start…all you need is a hall and the will!

Let us know by email if you are having a similar tournament and we will come along! 

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