Eric Caw passes

12 Jan

Cricket Scotland have been informed of the death of Eric Caw. For those of us of a certain vintage, Eric was often referred to as "Mr. Corstorphine". And for good reason. 

Eric was, for over a period of three, possibly four decades, the spirit and driving 
force behind Corstorphine Cricket Club. Eric began his cricket career playing for Elldee CC, a works side formed primarily by the employees of
a small combustion engineering company, Laidlaw Drew, based in Sighthill.

Elldee became Carrick Knowe CC and then onto Corstorphine Cricket Club based at Union Park. 

During his lengthy cricket career Eric went on to score 10,000 runs and take a 1,000 wickets. A feat very rarely achieved and Eric was proud to be listed amongst this very small band of players when it appeared in the much lamented annual Scottish Cricket Union Guide. 

Probably his biggest achievement for Corstorphine CC came in the 1987 season when Corstorphine CC were languishing at the bottom of the then 
ESCA Division 2. Getting to the back end of the season, relegation was to be a battle between Corstorphine and Leith Franklin. The latter then
surprised everyone by signing a professional to try and stave off relegation. 

 Eric not to be outdone did exactly the same and signed an Indian Test player, Surrinder Khanna for the remaining few matches; and with his performances, it meant Corstorphine CC missed relegation by something like 0.02% and so relegation to Division 3 was avoided.

Under Eric’s leadership, the Club then went on to field four XIs in the late 80's and for part of the 90's.
For maybe the last ten winters, Eric lived in Cape Town from 1st November until the 30th April, and whilst there enjoyed watching all the sports that that great city has to offer. He could also continue his other passion in life. Sensible fixed odds and spread betting on the outcome of matches of all sports.
Many people have a great love and passion for cricket but not many more than Eric. 

Royal High Corstorphine Cricket Club have lost a great servant and will forever be in his debt.
His company and opinions will be sadly missed by many.

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