Grades launches 100 Club

22 Apr

Aberdeenshire Grades

The Management Committee of the Aberdeenshire Cricket Association is delighted to announce the launch of its first 100 Club.

The fund will be established to support the continuation of cricket at Duthie Park in Aberdeen where Grades cricket has been played since 1895 when the local authority of the time granted the use of three pitches due to the upsurge in interest in cricket since the association’s founding in 1884.

How times have changed!

Duthie Park holds a very special place in the long history of Grades cricket and although at one time the ‘Duthie’ boasted 4 pitches less enlightened administrations have reduced the number to two.

Through a curious quirk of local administrative rule Duthie Park is administered and maintained by the same department that looks after libraries and crematoria (Arts & Recreation) because it is not deemed a ‘sports ground’ – and this despite the long history of cricket, tennis and bowls being staged at the Park!

Because Aberdeen City Council’s sport, leisure and recreation mandarins have no say in cricket continuing at the Park, the Grades has had to broker an agreement which ensures the use of the two pitches (prepared and maintained by a private contractor) and costs £5,200 a year.

The Grades is very grateful that Cricket Scotland contributes to this agreement but is all too aware that this is not a long-term sustainable option, hence the launch of the 100 club.

For just £1 a week 100-clubers will be able to support the continuance of cricket at Duthie Park and have the chance of winning some mouth-watering prizes, namely:

-          A fortnightly prize of £75
-          Annual prizes of
-          1st £500
-          2nd £100
-          3rd £50
-          4th £25

ACA Grades Treasurer, Ian C Stephen (who will administer the fund and draw and is the contact for prospective members – see attached flier and rules) adds “We believe  it is important that the  heritage of cricket being played at the Duthie Park is maintained. Over the years many individuals visiting the park have liaised with cricketers playing there and have decided to try the noble game ending  up playing regularly. The heart and soul of local grades cricket is visible from the central  bandstand whether it is for changing, eating teas,  sheltering from the occasional inclement weather or just chatting about the games being played"

Download the form here (PDF)

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