Langholm stalwart passes

15 Jan

Over the years it is the volunteers that keep small clubs like Langholm Cricket Club running, sadly today the club lost the man who probably did more for the club than any other member in its 156 year history……Gordon Johnstone.

Life Member, Gordon passed away shortly before 10am today, 14th January. 

Langholm Cricket Club would first of all like to express our most heartfelt condolences to his wife Dorothy and their four sons, Derek, David, Gordon and Steven. 

Gordon in one form or another had almost a 60 year association with the Langholm Cricket Club, making his playing debut in 1958, with his final game coming in 2003 aged 60. The highlights of his playing career were captaining the 1976 Border League Championship winning team and also setting the Border League Record of 240 for an Opening Partnership in 1989 with Steve Carr. It was also with great pride that he saw all four of his sons take to the field for the club that he loved so much. In all honesty, every time a Langholm Cricket Club XI took to the field, Gordon would have burst a gut to be on the field with them. We could list over 4000 runs, numerous catches and even the odd wicket with his guileful left arm spin bowling and notably, also running a "5" with son Derek at Kelso, but it is the man we as a club shall remember. Many a time over the years, many an individual has found themselves frustrated with form or lack of and it was always Gordon who could be counted on to give some sound advice and a push in the right direction. He has served the club in about every role possible whether it was as a Player, Captain, Coach, Secretary, Groundsman, Barman, Chairman, Assistant Treasurer, Supporter, Umpire, Scorer, Vice-President and finally a Life Member. 

Tragically whilst approaching retirement from Reid & Taylors Gordon was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Through these years Gordon could rarely not been seen at The Castleholm such was his devotion to Langholm Cricket Club. One match Gordon did miss was when the club lifted the League Cup in 2007, with almost a hundred supporters up watching the game. Little known to many people that day, was that morning Gordon, as usual, swept out the pavilion and made sure everything was in place for the day's events just as he had always done. Sadly as more and more people began to arrive Gordon requested to be taken home as his nerves were getting the better of him, a symptom of his condition. Langholm went on to win that day and no sooner as the trophy was presented to the team, every single player knew where they had to be. They made their way down, be it by foot, works van or sports car, to 4 Wauchope Place where, and rightly so, Gordon was presented with the trophy as it was Gordon who had made it possible for the club to be what it is today. It has been hard for all at the club watching as the disease took hold of Gordon but this surely pales in significance to what it must have been like for Dorothy and family.

Many people will have their own memories of Gordon, but one thing that will be a constant would be that he was a nice bloke. His infectious enthusiasm for his family, the game and the club radiated throughout The Castleholm and his warm smile was always a joy to see. 

Gordon, you will be sorely missed.

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