Level 1 Umpires Course in the West

05 Jan




This course is offered to umpires, players, spectators and all interested in cricket, irrespective of the club, league or competition in which participants may be involved. 

Dates - The course will take place on six THURSDAY evenings 29th January, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th February and 5th March

The 12th March will be free for revision and Mock Exam, with the Final Exam being    held on the 19th March.

Times: -      7:30p.m. - 9:30p.m. Each evening

Venue        Clydesdale Cricket Club, Titwood, Beaton Road, Glasgow, G41

Attendance is encouraged, whether you are an experienced umpire or a player wanting to keep in touch, or a new recruit to the umpiring ranks. Each year those who attend enjoy their evenings and usually admit either to learning something new or to being reminded of something forgotten! 

29rd January                           THE UMPIRES

Pre-Law.                                   Spirit of the Game etc.
Law 3.                                         The Umpires:  duties prior to the match.
Law 12.                                       Innings
Law 4.                                         The Scorers
Law 16.                                       Start of Play
Law 3.                                         The Umpires:  duties during the match.
Law 15                                        Intervals
Law 27                                        Appeals 

5th March                                   THE PITCH 

Law 7.                                          The Pitch
Law 3.                                          The Umpires:  ground, weather and light.
Law 17.                                         Practice on the field
Law 41.                                         The Fielder:  encroaching on the pitch.
Law 42.                                         Fair and Unfair Play:  damaging the pitch etc.

                                              FIELDCRAFT and TEAMWORK

                                                  How to keep the game running smoothly.
                                                  How to help your colleague.
                                                  Player management.              


12th February                                     THE BALL

Law 5.                                       The Ball
Law 22.                                     The Over
Law 16.                                     Start and Completion of over
Law 24.                                     No Ball (not feet)
Law 23.                                     Dead Ball
Law 25.                                     Wide Ball
Law 33.                                     Handled the Ball (+ Law 18.10)
Law 34.                                     Hit the Ball Twice
Law 42.                                     Ball tampering.  Dangerous and unfair bowling

19th February                           SUBSTITUTES & RUNNERS etc  

Law 1.                                        The Players
Law 2.                                        Substitutes and Runners
Law 40.                                      The Wicket-Keeper
Law 41.                                      The Fielder
Law 42.                                      Fair and Unfair Play, parts 1, 4,5,9,10,18
Law 22.                                      The Over
Law 31.                                      Timed Out
Law 37.                                      Obstructing the Field (+ Law 18.10) 

26th February                          SCORING & LBW 

Law 6.                                        The Bat
Law 18.                                       Scoring Runs
Law 19.                                       Boundaries
Law 32.                                       Caught
Law 26.                                       Bye and Leg Bye
Law 41.                                       The Fielder
Law 42.                                       Fair and Unfair Play:  penalty runs
Law 36.                                       LBW

5th March                                THE WICKET & NO BALL (feet) 

Law 28.                                       The Wicket is Down (+ Law 8.5)
Law 29.                                       Batsman out of his ground
Law 30.                                       Bowled
Law 35.                                       Hit Wicket
Law 38.                                       Run Out (+ Law 18.10)
Law 24.                                       No Ball (+ part 5: feet)
Law 42.                                       Fair and Unfair Play, parts 15 & 16
Law 39.                                       Stumped

12th March                              REVISION

19th March                              EXAM 

New Umpires wishing to take the level 1 exam must register as soon as possible for the course by emailing Billy McPate at the address shown below to allow the purchase of course material. 

If you intend to sit the exam bring flash drive to the first class. The course will be downloaded to this to allow revision? 

Reference Books which are supplied to new Umpires 

Tom Smith’s New Cricket Umpiring and Scoring. (2010 edition)

The Laws of Cricket (2010 edition) (MCC Publication.)


Billy McPate               Phone: - 01236 606357         

                                    Email: - billy.mcpate@virginmedia.com 

Vic Hadcroft                          Phone: - 01786 841449         

          Email: - v.hadcroft@btinternet.com                               

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