Liz Smith pays tribute to Kari Carswell

28 Jan

Member of the Scottish Parliament and former Scotland cricketer Liz Smith has paid tribute to Kari Carswell, who announced she would be stepping down as women’s national Head Coach earlier this week.  

The date was August 17th 1999 and the venue was the Edinburgh Academy's Newfield main square. It was the occasion of my first full international cap and the Scotland XI that day also included a young Kari Anderson. Like any other debutante, I was very nervous but I needn't have worried as Kari was with me every inch of the way helping me in the field and helping me through a tense time at the crease when we were under considerable pressure.

The fact that she was the outstanding cricketer in the team went without saying, but she was also a wonderful team mate. Her concern for other players and ensuring that everyone else besides her was able to get the best out of themselves and enjoy the sport was second to none.

Kari quickly became a legend both on and off the field and it was little surprise that she also became a first class coach with both the under 17 and national women's cricket teams. So many girls, their families, clubs and schools, owe so much to Kari and I know I speak for everyone when we thank her for all that she has done in her coaching duties over the years. Successfully getting Scotland to the T20 World Cup qualifiers last November is testimony to the distance that Kari has travelled with Cricket Scotland in the last 20 years.

The very good news is that she will be taking up a much more important strategic role with Cricket Scotland in order to develop the women's game, something that will give us all confidence that her great legacy to cricket will continue to grow over the coming years.

Kari - thank you for being such a wonderful coach and inspiration to the rest of us.

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