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14 Feb

Cricket Scotland appoints Nuffield Health as its official health club partner

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Cricket Scotland is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nuffield Health. The UK’s largest healthcare charity will, through its five Fitness & Wellbeing Centres in Scotland, provide all fitness and training facilities for elite Scottish players in 2013.  

Players will have access to all facilities, for both individual and group fitness training at the Edinburgh centre, and those players residing out of the city will also be able to access their local centres throughout Scotland, increasing their ability to train more frequently.  Furthermore, specialist health and nutrition staff will be on hand for consultation with the Scottish international cricketers, providing advice on all aspects of their health and wellbeing as they prepare for the busy, forthcoming season which includes fixtures against Pakistan, Kenya and Australia as well as overseas matches, the most imminent of which is against Afghanistan in early March. 

Of the new partnership, Cricket Scotland Chief Executive Roddy Smith said, “Maintaining optimum fitness and health are crucial factors for our athletes, and we are delighted to have entered into a new partnership with Nuffield Health.”  He continued, “They are one of the UK’s leading independent health charities and we are very impressed with the drive and enthusiasm they have shown to be our fitness and training partner.  We are looking forward to working proactively with them.’’

Tim Hyatt, General Manager at Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre Edinburgh said, “We are delighted to be supporting elite Scottish cricket players in their pursuit and maintenance of optimum fitness and health. We believe that obtaining the best success on and off the pitch is reliant on more than just training. Our team of experts, including physiotherapists and nutritionists aim to support the team throughout the next 12 months to ensure all-round wellbeing. We’re all excited about the partnership and look forward to continuing to build our relationship over the coming months.”


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