Proposed Governance Changes To Cricket Scotland

14 Jan

The Board of Cricket Scotland has announced a consultation with its members on proposed changes to the governance of the organisation. If the proposals receive general support during the consultation, the intention is to call an Extraordinary General Meeting of member clubs and associations in late February to vote on the proposals. If the members approve the changes, then they would come into effect from the next Annual General Meeting of CSHL in early April.

The proposals are intended to improve how Cricket Scotland makes decisions and bring it into line with what is generally accepted to be good governance practice. They would also meet the expectations of our principal funders, the International Cricket Council and sportscotland.

The main proposed changes are: -

  • To have a nominee from each of the Western District Cricket Union, East of Scotland Cricket Association, Aberdeenshire Cricket Association, the Strathmore and Perthshire Cricket Union and North of Scotland Cricket Association on the board of CSHL to create a direct line of communication, through the associations, between the clubs in each region and the Board. (If a Caledonian Region was to be created at some time in the future then a single nominee from that region would replace those from ACA, SPCU and NoSCA).
  • To clarify the responsibilities of the two companies in the Cricket Scotland Group and change the board compositions to reflect those responsibilities
  • To help address the recognised inherent conflict of interest of each director who is a member of a club
  • To introduce independent directors who, as well as bringing that independence of judgement, would also bring new skills and greater diversity (including female directors) to decision making
  • To introduce a normal maximum period of service for directors of two consecutive terms of four years.

As explained above, the Board is very keen to consult with the member clubs on the proposals and to that end will be holding open meetings as follows (Please note the amended date issued to Member Club Secretaries and the confirmation of venue in relation to the SPCU and WDCU meetings respectively):- 

  • 20 January at 19.00 – Clydesdale Cricket Club, Titwood, 22 Beaton Road, Glasgow, G41 4LA (G41 4LB if using Sat Nav) (kindly hosted by the WDCU)
  • 24 January at 13.00  – at Shri Bheema’s, Balgownie Road, Bridge Of Don, Parkway Inn, Aberdeen AB22 8LX Aberdeen (kindly hosted by the ACA)
  • 25 January at 19.30 – The Players Bar, The Inch Park Community Sports Centre, 227 Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh EH16 5UD (kindly hosted by ESCA)
  • 27 January at 19.00 – Strathmore Cricket Club, Graham Crescent, Forfar, Angus DD8 1DU (kindly hosted by the SPCU)
  • 7 February at 14.00 – Elgin City FC, Borough Briggs Rd, Borough Briggs, Elgin IV30 1AP (kindly hosted by NoSCA

Towards the end of January, the detailed documents showing all the changes will be put on a special page on the Cricket Scotland website. There will also be a special email box to which any comments can be submitted.

Any club should feel free to attend any of the meetings – they are not limited to clubs in the association which is acting as host. We should point out that voting rights at general meetings of CSHL are restricted to full Member Clubs which are up to date with annual subscriptions.

We very much hope your club will be represented at one of the meetings and look forward to hearing your views on the proposals.

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