'Sivvy' by David Potter

08 Nov
David Potter, Scotland's most prolific writer of cricket books in recent times, has had his latest work published. it is entitled "Sivvy" RW Sievwright - arbroath Forfarshire and Scotland Scotland's Greatest Cricketer.
While other cricketers, generally better known, would vie for this title, Sivvy would certainly be well in the running. Indeed, he was inducted into the Scottish Cricket Hall of Fame in 2014, recognising his amazing bowling for both club and country.
David has written a very readable, sympathetic book on his life, telling of his exploits throughout a long career, albeit he did not play 1st XI cricket as a boy, right up to his death at the crease while batting with his son.
Sivvy mainly played for Arbroath United, but also played a fair bit for Forfarshire in an age when Scottish Counties mirrored the situation in England and were often able to choose from the best club cricketers in their area. His career with Arbroath was from 1901 until his death in 1947. During this time he took over 2000 wickets, a feat very rarely achieved in Scottish cricket.
His Scotland career was also stellar, with him taking wickets against all of the Test match sides of the time. Here indeed was a great player.
As always, this offering by David Potter is an interesting read. You can get a copy, priced at £7.99, by contacting David via email at david.potter@blueyonder.co.uk

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