Structure of Domestic Cricket 2014

19 Dec

Following a period of consultation and discussion, the domestic structure for season 2014 and beyond has been agreed.  

In the west of the country, the Western District Cricket Union (WDCU), will run and manage domestic cricket.  This is part of the recently agreed formal partnership between the WDCU and Cricket Scotland (CS).  It is a WDCU decision on how their leagues will be structured and managed.  The West champion will play off with the winner of the East Premier league to decide the national club champion. 

In the east of the country, there has been further structural change.  The clubs were clear in their wish to have ten team leagues.  A steering group was set up by the clubs to look at the best way forward, the group being made up of representatives of the two main leagues in the east, namely the East of Scotland Cricket Association (ESCA) and the Strathmore and Perthshire Union (SPU).  Cricket Scotland also inputted to these discussions. 

Cricket Scotland were clear that the most appropriate way forward , and in the best interests of the majority of clubs, was to have two strong regional leagues feeding into an East Premier division of 10 clubs.  Following two formal meetings of the clubs involved this structure was preferred to an alternative proposal of having a second division of clubs below the Premier Division.  Of the 18 clubs entitled to vote, 14 supported the CS proposal with 1 against and 3 abstentions. 

As part of CS’s clear strategic support for regionalisation, ESCA and the SPU will run their respective structures below the Premier Division with financial support from CS.  The Premier Division will be run by a management team made up club representatives and nominees of both ESCA and the SPU.  The league will be initially administered by Cricket Scotland. 

The clubs and regional associations have decided that the management  group to run the East Premier will be chaired by Bob McFarlane (Rossie Priory CC) with the members being Greig Hopcroft (ESCA rep), Robin Pollok (club rep), Dick Auckinleck (club rep) and Ian Cran (SPU rep).  Ramsay Allan from Cricket Scotland will administer the league.

A diagram showing the structure can be found here. 

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