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07 Mar
Ben Fox

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Published 7 March 2013

I hear it is a pretty miserable day back home today, so I have been able to take some solace from the fact that, as I write this blog, the sun is beaming down and I'm down by the pool enjoying some much needed sun. 

While this might sound a luxury it is, in fact, a necessity - I am starting to gain some odd looks for my pasty white skin as I have been confined to my room for a large part of my time here, either praying to the internet gods for a decent service, or working when I actually do get one!

However, the envious conditions aside, it will come as no surprise to any of you that we are all still all hurting from yesterday's result against Afghanistan in our first WCL match.

There is simply no point in attempting to put any form of spin on it, we were second best on the day and that was a tough one to take. Having said that, there is no doubt at all that the players are desperate to make amends tomorrow. 

Richie and Matt batted beautifully yesterday and got us to a platform where we could have set a really imposing total, on a wicket that required batting on for a while, to get your eye in. Richie was very (and heart breakingly) unfortunate to be given out, when we all felt it wasn't... "But that's international sport"  as the coach said to me afterwards. 

Much credit has to be given to the Afghans; they have been superb in these conditions and are clearly a top class team. Their preparation camp in Pakistan would have really helped in this climate and these conditions. I have to say, the coach has been a real inspiration since the game and there has been a real sense of togetherness and determination evident among the team. Trying to be pragmatic can sometimes be difficult, especially when there is so much at stake, but we have one game left and the guys are determined to give it their all.

A thing that has really struck me so far on this tour is the professionalism that is apparent in the Scotland squad. It is great to see the guys that haven't been selected supporting the team alongside those that have, and them all working for each other. I feel very proud to be a Scot, a Scottish cricket supporter and part of this team (even if it is in the guise of lowly media man!)

Carter and Murphy

I know people have had differing opinions after the non-selection of Neil Carter, and it is in the nature of sport that we all feel able to articulate those opinions, sometimes reasonably and sometimes not. But the fact of the matter is clear, whether as a player or as a supporting member of the squad, Neil is brilliant guy to have around and the rest of the squad are all keen to tap into his knowledge and viewpoints.  He has a really vibrant and open personality and is a huge asset to Scotland.

We are all meeting tonight, after various gym sessions and meetings, for an activity of some sort – but no one will tell us what it is, so we are all rather nervous! Then it will be an early night ahead of another huge game tomorrow! 

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