Update - Governance Changes

08 Jun

Following the governance changes approved by the members of Cricket Scotland in February, the Board of Cricket Scotland Holdings Limited (the parent company and the "Voice of Cricket in Scotland") has now been appointed. The directors are: -

  • Bruce Dixon, President - elected by the members (Chair)
  • Colin Neill, Past President - elected by the members
  • Keith Young - elected by the members
  • Bob McFarlane - elected by the members
  • Paul Reddish - elected by the members
  • Sue Strachan - elected by the clubs in the women's national league
  • Jerry Bishop - nominated by NoSCA
  • Gordon McKinnie - nominated by SPCU
  • Scott Russell - nominated by ESCA
  • Ian Stephen - nominated by ACA
  • Sandy Strang - nominated by WDCU
  • Tony Brian - Chair of Cricket Scotland Limited (the subsidiary that runs the business of cricket in Scotland)
  • Malcolm Cannon - Chief Executive

The first meeting of the new Board takes place on 23rd June.

The search for the four  independent non-executive directors for Cricket Scotland Limited is currently underway with a large and strong group of applications having been received by the closing date of 31 May. We are confident we will have appointed those directors by end September as planned. 

Pending those additional appointments, the current Board of Cricket Scotland Limited is: -

  • Tony Brian - Chair
  • Malcolm Cannon - Chief Executive
  • Bruce Dixon
  • Keith Young
  • Bob McFarlane

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