West Region TOP Clubs - Update

05 Mar

While the winter is a quieter time for clubs in terms of fixtures, it is a great time of year for the Clubs (and players) to put in hours of hard work as part of good quality indoor training programmes.  The winter also provides another good opportunity for clubs – the chance to focus on their overall club development plans and to come up with plans to make their club, and their club training programmes, as successful as possible.

The latter part of 2013 and early part of 2014 has seen a great commitment from many of the west region cricket clubs.  Twenty of the west region clubs have been in discussion with Tim Hart, Cricket Scotland’s Regional Participation Manager for the West of Scotland, to embark on the process of submitting their TOP Club documentation.

Highlighting the importance of TOP Club, Tim said “I think the accreditation system is great way for clubs to be formally recognised for all the excellent work that they carry out.  There is no doubt that every club operates on a slightly different basis and the most enjoyable part of assisting clubs through the process has been reading each individual development plan before going on to meet with the key volunteers at each club to discuss the support networks that are available to help them as they look to progress.” 

“It has also a great opportunity to reward clubs for their efforts by presenting them with their new TOP Club certificates.”

The documentation returns and subsequent meetings with each club has seen ten west region clubs receive their new TOP Club certificates – with another groups of clubs due to receive their certificates in the next month. 

For more information about TOP Club in your area, please contact your Cricket Scotland Regional Participation Manager.

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