Child Protection and Equality


Organisations that work with children and vulnerable adults have a duty of care to provide a ‘safe, effective and child friendly environment’. To this end Cricket Scotland has produced its new Policy relating to this matter. This policy has been produced following guidance from Children 1st and the team at the Child Protection in Sport Unit, the experts in this field. The new policy can be accessed by following the link below.

The resources produced by the Child Protection in Sport Unit are aimed at Club volunteers and will be of particular benefit to Clubs when producing their own policies and guidelines. To access their services and resources please follow the link to This website is a handy tool for all Clubs and includes:

  • Guidelines
  • Template resources
  • Details of Training available
  • A very useful ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section

If your Club is on the way to producing a policy, or requires guidance, please use your local Community Development Manager as a resource.

Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG)

Cricket Scotland are the intermediary body for the processing of PVG forms for those working in what is known as ‘regulated work’.  The definition of Regulated work can be found here


Key steps on the way:

  • Does your Club have in place the secondary organisation contract in place?
  • Are you being deployed in regulated work?
  • Does your Club’s Child Protection policy state that your position requires you to be a  PVG scheme member?


If the answer is yes then you will require to become a PVG Scheme member.


Further guidance can be provided by:

Cricket Scotland - Lea Tsui 0131 3137420 /


Disclosure Scotland

If a child or vulnerable adult is at immediate risk your first point of contact should either be the local police or local social services, their details can be found here:


Cricket Scotland supports sportscotland’s assertion that equity is a broader concept than equality. It is not just about equal numbers, but is concerned more with fairness, justice, inclusion and respect for diversity.


Sports equity is:

  • about making sure that everyone has an equal chance to participate in and contribute to sport or physical recreation if they choose to do so, and that no one is discriminated against unfairly for any reason, including – but not limited to - gender, race, disability, age, religious or political belief, sexual orientation, social background, ethnic origin, language, marital or civil partnership status or pregnancy.

  • also about recognising and acknowledging that inequalities do exist between people in Scottish sport, taking positive and proactive steps to overcome these inequalities, and thus making sure that any barriers standing in the way of people who are traditionally not involved in sport are removed. Ensuring equity may require the unequal allocation or reallocation of resources and entitlements in order to overcome previous inequalities or discrimination.


Cricket Scotland recognises that research continually indicates that inequalities persist in most aspects of sport and physical recreation including participation, membership, governance, coaching and leadership. Cricket Scotland has a strong commitment to asserting the unique spirit of cricket by furthering the development of cricket in Scottish society and asserts that it is committed to implementing and promoting the Equity Standard: A Framework for Sport (2004) and establishing a robust equity policy.


Cricket Scotland is therefore absolutely committed to promoting and achieving equity, and to ensuring that unfair discrimination is eliminated. Discrimination on grounds such as those listed in paragraph one will not be tolerated within the National Governing Body in Scotland and its constituent Associations, Leagues and Clubs. 


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