New Junior Formats

Abbi Aitken-Drummond @CricketScotland
May 8, 2018 6 years

With the launch of the new junior formats this season we have had some early positive feedback. At the U14 level in particular there has been a noticeable increase in the number of deliveries that the batsmen can hit and as a result a significant increase in the number of boundaries. This has had a major positive effect on those playing at this level, seeing returns for their shots and higher individual scores, which keeps players enthusiastic about the game.

David Vettese, coach at Livingston CC concurs with this view: “New formats have been well received thus far by both players and coaches. The shorter pitch results in the desired effect: fewer wides. It’s also clear that the shorter boundary heralds more boundaries. The kids love this and definitely we are seeing a greater level of enjoyment. I think we’ll have a great summer of cricket with the new junior formats”.

This was echoed up North in Aberdeen where Daniel Sutton highlighted “I think that the new junior formats are working very well, it’s making cricket more dynamic and exciting. The shorter pitch lengths limit the number of wides bowled, with the smaller boundaries creating more value for good shots. Its just what cricket in the region needs!”

Early days, but positive vibes.

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